Methods of Use

Mothods of use

Through the model of use it is possible to defend a new technical solution, to go beyond the framework of professional ability and be applied in industry. Inventions, scientific theories, mathematical methods, simple external adaptations of products (for aesthetic purposes), plans, laws and methods of exercising intellectual activity, computer programs, information indicators are not considered a technical solution. Protection cannot be granted for technical solutions contrary to public order, in particular for the moral principles of humanity, as well as for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animals and humans, plant and animal varieties and the biological reproduction of materials and production processes or work activities.

Models of use are registered according to the so-called registration principle, where the office registers the respective model in the register without examining the criteria of innovation and creative level, for example whether it should be protected or not. This is the main achievement that distinguishes usage patterns from the patent system.


Since registering a usage model in the Office gives it the opportunity to increase protection, the effects of which fully correspond to that of the patent, the usage model provides the opportunity to seek protection for a solution by being able to register in a faster way than that of the patent. This is especially important for facilities that are in time to enter the market, while in the event of a relatively long patent application procedure they would remain unprotected.

Without the approval of the owner of the user model, no one may manufacture, or place on the market the protected technical solution. (license) to other persons or transfer the model of use to them.

The handling of usage patterns is the same as the handling of patents.

Unlike patents, the term of protection of a usage model is 10 years from the date of filing the application.

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